What is the definition of an artist? Is it someone who paints with oils and brushes? Someone who sculpts in clay or stone or sits at a computer desk every day and designs? We would argue that today, anyone could be considered an artist if they have a creative outlet for their passions and dedicate some time to it. Digital art has been on the rise for some time now, but does this mean less importance to traditional forms of art such as painting and sculpture? We aim to explore the vast array of answers to all of these questions through a co-op of the new generation of artists, intellects, and creatives.

Today, we introduce Binary Arts Dynamic aka The B.A.D Artist DAO; a fresh take on DAO’s specifically within the digital art community. Binary Arts Dynamic is a Decentralized Art Organization that is establishing self-sustaining models for funding, promoting, and showcasing digital artists from around the globe using social media at the forefront of the creator's economy. Art is a powerful means of communication, with its individual components and infinite combinations telling both simple stories as well as elaborate narratives reflecting reality, this social creation of art is deeply coded into the human DNA. From hybrid oil paintings that require digital touch-ups, to pixelated artworks, to complex cut or paste installations, our mission is not only to promote the undervalued artist but also to inspire new generations of creators, critical thinkers, and artists through our work, financial grants, and strategic partnerships.

We are self-funded, decentralized, and community-governed. We are not affiliated with any institutions, art clubs, or organizations. We’re a group of unconventional and ambitious creatives who believe in giving back to the community and supporting innovative collaboration models.

Our goal? To redefine what it means to support creativity, unconventional thinking, and risk-taking within the digital arts industry, by using modern, inventive ways for communities to help individuals and to build a new paradigm of digital art organizations that continually establish efficient, self-sustaining, and community-driven models to constantly fund and promote local artists around the world.

So, who are The B.A.D Artists?

The B.A.D Artists are those who devote their time to work they are passionate about but will never yield tangible or materialistic results. They devote space in a room or the corner of their bedroom to this creative practice; they spend hours every day on it instead of working an occupational career as most people do — or they work to pay the bills and use after-hours to focus on their craft. These artists trade money for time to pursue what is meaningful to them intrinsically without any external validation from society’s expectations. They don’t create art just to make a profit, they want their creations to hold meaning, to have some sort of sentimental value, and inspire others with the beauty in its essence.

B.A.D artists are driven by a sense of passion rather than the pursuit of monetary value, social status, or fame. They commit themselves wholeheartedly to their work without expectation for any immediate rewards or benefits, in fact, most artists (like myself) like to embrace the concept of delayed gratification. Bad art has no inherent value in terms of its worth as an object; it is not intended to be sold on store shelves like other pieces made with utilitarian intent. The B.A.D Artist is someone who has the emotional, moral and practical experience of devoting unprecedented time to something viewed as irrational to society, yet rewarding the individual.

There were times in history when it was normal to be a bad, unsuccessful and unrecognized artist, but now this has become unthinkable under capitalism and its demands for success on all fronts. Today, many true artists see rebellion as their best option which could take any form from creating unpopular art or simply not caring about what others think — anything will do so long as they feel fulfilled by doing something unconventional.

What defines a B.A.D artist?

B.A.D artists want to take control of their careers and make the world work for them. They are driven by internal matters, self-sufficient, and extremely strong-willed. They can be found working alone, in small communities, or even in big organizations. The B.A.D Artist has completed reimagined what “work” means.

The work we do is rewarding, but it’s not just for us, it has the power to dramatically change the world around us — both internally at organizations, as well as on their own. We thrive off flexibility so that when we’re most productive is dependent upon how engaged we are with what we're doing at the moment. Our ideas need freedom too; the concept of alleviating mental space, meditating for clarity, and reserving mindshare has become extremely prevalent within the arts industry as these things tend to go hand-in-hand with being able to tap into an artistic FLOW state and creating beauty, unintentionally.

We are always creating, meaning that we are constantly failing — but failing forward. We try to live in an atmosphere of growth and change, pushing ourselves to be better than the day before. Ultimately we learn something new with each little mistake that helps us course-correct along the way. But instead of reading through an art textbook or listening passively to a lecturer, these active, collaborative, and hands-on experiences become experiential education — something tangible for both mind and body — a tinkering of sorts.

There are a lot of obstacles in the world; obstacles are everywhere, make them your friend, then learn to get around them. Whether it’s bureaucracy at work or old boys clubs who feel entitled because they were here first, we will always be looking for life hacks and tricks so that when our contributions start stagnating in any given way or begin going unseen due to corporate hierarchies, we take that as our sign know it’s time to move on.

We believe that “networking” is synonymous with “sharing.”, as well as the power of online networks and peer communities (like our Discord or Bitclout) to help us do what we love and do it well. We see competition as a motivator rather than a threat because we want the best idea to win, as well as the best execution — this emphasizes our positive-sum mindset.

The importance of community within art.

Understanding the value of community and wanting to be a part of pioneering new ways that artists earn a living is a big part of why we started. This growing generation is at the forefront of a revolution that challenges how communities organize and fund their creative activities. Social finance & the creator's economy has officially started to morph into being.

We believe art is a reminder of who we are — and a mirror of our world. We see everyone as an artist in their own unique way and believe in a creative, colorful, and connected world made out of equally diverse and immutable materials:

Bits and Bytes.

We believe art is a reminder of who we are, a mirror of our world. With its infinite combinations, it tells a story, imagining new worlds & reflecting reality.